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BOB THE ROBBER. It is not so easy to be a thief in the modern world! After all, true theft is a real art.
BOB THE ROBBER 2 is an adventure game about the modern Robin Hood, who fights against corruption in his hometown.
BOB THE ROBBER 3 is a completely new game of the famous series loved by millions of players around the world.
In the game BOB THE ROBBER 4: SEASON 2 RUSSIA we come back to the adventures of a famous thief.
In the game BOB THE ROBBER 4: SEASON 2 JAPAN Robber Bob has another plan to get the treasure.
Robber Bob continues his adventures in 4 part of a wonderful online game BOB THE ROBBER 4.
In the game BOB THE ROBBER 5 TEMPLE ADVENTURE, we get into the mysterious ancient temple.
Another part of an exciting game MONEY MOVERS 3. But this time you have to play not on the side of dangerous criminals who escaped from prison.
MONEY MOVERS 2 - your favorite puzzle platformer game Money Movers is here again in a completely new guise. It means that two brothers are back to work again.
MONEY MOVERS MAKER is the adventure game about two smart prisoner brothers. Your task is to penetrate into the office buildings, shops and businesses for robbery.
The TEAM OF ROBBERS 2 is back again. Caution comes first, that’s why they must come so carefully as not to be noticed. Museums, houses and banks...
Avoid nasty traps, boomerang bloodthirsty bats in the game ONE BUTTON BOB. Can you help Bob find the treasure? Thought you can use only left mouse button.
In the game UNLUCKY ROBBER a robber reached the cave full of treasures, but unfortunately was trapped in it. To get out, he needs to climb on rotating platforms.
THE BANK ROBBER is a strategy where you have to rob the bank. Your task is to plan and prepare a bank robbery. You must select a team and the tools...
STEALING THE DIAMOND is an interactive game where you have to help Henry to steal the biggest diamond. Our hero has just escaped from the prison.
In the game DAYLIGHT ROBBERY you play for the police officer. Catherine is one of the best police officers.
In the game ROBBER RUN you must run away from the police. Bobbi is a young guy. He is a well-known thief who trades various jewels and gems.
NIGHT ROBBERS is an entertaining game in its own style and genre. In this game you must help two criminals Larry and Barry to run away from the crime scene.
In the game GREAT PYRAMID ROBBERY you will stand guard in order and catch criminals who have decided to come inside the pyramid and collect gold.
In the game SHERLOCK HOLMES TEA SHOP MURDER MYSTERY you solve the case about murder of Mr. T. It happened in his own tea shop.
In this game WHACK THE BURGLARS - ROBBERS you will have to defend yourself from evil gangsters who want to rob your house.
The game DON'T TAX ME, BRO! is a fun pixel 2D-runner, in which you will help a businessman to escape from the tax service inspectors...
COPS AND ROBBERS is a good classic game. Grimeport city is overrun by criminals. Your job as a police cadet is to chase them and bring them to the jail.
In the game HIDDEN you play as a prisoner who finds his way to escape from the jail. Climb up the stairs and steal priceless treasures on your way out of this prison.
In the game called THIEVISH TRICKS you are going to be in the shoes of a bad guy and try to steal a huge safe with treasure from the house.
In the adventure game SUPER SNEAK you will be in the role of a robber, who madly fell in love with the girl named Sophie.
Run between floors to escape from the police in the game FLOOR JUMPER ESCAPE. Become a famous robber. You should be very careful to leave the building safe and sound.
In the game DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH, unlike other similar games, you do not play on the side of the robbers. Your goal is to take responsibility for protecting the diamond...
A little training for the thieves. In the game JEWEL THIEF, you play as a robber who came to museum. But of course you are not just enjoying the exhibition.

Robbery Games

The criminal world is so attractive. You have an opportunity to become a robber. All users of the Internet and online games will like these robbery games. Playing can make you think a little and test your talents in solving difficult tasks. The goals of the games are different. In general, you need to collect the necessary items, avoid obstacles and not be seen or caught by the guards or the police.

The characters and the environment for the flash games are quite beautifully designed. The musical accompaniment corresponds to the gameplay and complementing it perfectly.

The control in all of the games is very simple and convenient, the standard control buttons are W, A, S, D or arrows and Space is used to interact with objects or characters. To pass the game, you have to work hard and be very quick and attentive. You have to show all your skills your brain is capable of. You can play alone or with your friends and try to solve all the puzzles together.

Your characters are not afraid to penetrate into abandoned houses, ancient tombs or even escape from the prisons. They eagerly open safes, solve logical puzzles, unravel strange routes and find ways out of any complicated situations. These talented thieves are not going to spend the rest of their lives in jail. Help your characters in various flash games.

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